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HetaOni: Prussia x Reader.
AN: You are a country like them in this, the country of The Republic of Ireland. Or Ireland for Short.

A deserted house in a mountain about three hours on foot from the world meeting place.

No one knows how long it has been there or who used to live in it. Rumours had it that it was haunted.


Prussia sauntered up to you "Hey Ireland!" You turned your head to the sound of the German mans voice.

"Yeah what's up, Prussia?" You asked him, you were just in the middle of talking with England.

"Me, Italy, Japan und Vest are going to this creepy castle after the meeting. You gonna come?" Prussia grinned at you.

Prussia had called you a chicken earlier in the meeting, you told him you would prove something to him that you weren't.

"Definitely!" You grin back to your 'awesome' friend.


You walk alongside Italy as the 5 of you neared the manors front door.

Italy looked up at it "Ve~ It's really here!" He says.

"I thought it was just a rumour... I never thought we would actually find it." Japan says quietly in response.

Prussia grins, folding his arms across his navy uniform and looking up at the mansion "It has such a desolate feel... Not bad!" He comments then turns to you "Vell Ireland, jou chickened out yet?"

You flicked your h/c hair. "You wish Prussia, just wait and see you'll probably be clinging onto me by the end of this!"

Germany ignored the two of you, murmuring "I don't think it's very interesting though."

Japan was also discouraged "Me neither... Can't we just rook at it from outside and then go back?"

Italy frowns "Aww, after all the trouble we had to find it? C'mon, let's just go in for a little while!"

You interjected "Yeah c'mon Japan! It'll be fun."

Germany was quiet, and so you all went in.


You looked around, and heard Italy comment from beside you "It's cleaner than I thought."

You felt a small nudge in your elbow and looked to see Prussia, he motioned over to Germany. The tall, usually fearless nation was pale in the face

"H-hey, can we go now?" He asked

Prussia immediately shot to him "Vhat's the matter Vest? Jou scared?"

Suddenly a large crash was heard, you squeaked in alarm and gripped Prussia's arm. You swore you saw the blush on his pale cheekbones.

Germany was now attempting to prize Italy off him. "L-Look we should really go"

Japan was hardly fazed. "Oh, don't be silly. It's not like there are any ghosts or anything. Where is your common sense?"

You were still holding onto Prussia as he called after Japan, who was heading off into a corridor to investigate "Be careful, Japan!"

Prussia then looked down at you with a teasing smirk "Vas Ireland, jou need the awesome me to hold onto because jour so chicken?"

You looked at his arm, blinked, then pushed him away denying sharply "Wise up Prussia! I-I was just surprised."

Truth be told you had a crush- no. You were in love with Prussia, he may be obnoxious and have an ego bigger than Russias land mass but when he wanted to he could be really sweet, and he was always there for you. He was just so perfect... A-

Your thoughts were interrupted by a shriek of fear.

You whipped your body around to come face to face... With...

A thing.

It had lanky arms and legs too long for it's grey, naked body. An oversized head with frighteningly blank, alien eyes stared at you hungrily.

Your body shook. And you took off, sprinting as quickly as you could.


"Prussia!" You called, pacing through the halls of the mansion. You had recently saw.... You didn't know what to describe it as... A thing. And you, Germany, Italy and Prussia had split up in fear. You had finally plucked up the courage to go look for the other nations, despite the shakes wracking your body.

You walk quietly, your steps making hollow pats on the wooden floor. A key rested tight in your clenched fist. You had got it from the library, and were now jamming it into every lock you could find.

"Prussia... Come out..." You whimper as you push the key into another hole. With shaking hands you turn the key, and the door gives a satisfying clank as it opens.

You walk into the room, and see cowering inbetween two beds, Prussia.

"Prussia!" You dive for the albino, not closing the door behind you out of sheer excitement.

He spins around, unsheathing his sword and swinging "BACK!" He yells, only to find it's you.

"I-Ireland!" He puts the sword back in and is about to ask you something when you throw your arms around his shoulders and hug him close, whimpering "Stupid idiot, you scared me."

He laughs, its not his obnoxious laugh, but a shaky frightened one. "I know, I'm sorry." He brings his arms up to hug you back.

You sigh, clutching him close and taking in his familiar scent. Prussia looks at you in surprise as you bury your head in his neck. He blinks his ruby eyes in surprise then pushes you, holding you at arms length. As much as the Prussian would like to hold you, he needed to know what was going on.

"Ireland. Vhere is Japan and Italy? And mein bruder?" You shake your head "I don't know Prussia. I-I looked for you first."

He smirks slightly "Vell liebeling, seems I'm the first vone jou turn to vhen jour scared huh?"

You blush slightly "Shut up." You mutter.

Prussia laughs slightly "Right okay, Vell ve need to-"

He breaks off. You look at him.







"Sshh liebe. Do jou hear that?"

You look towards the open door, frozen in fear.






"It sounds like...."

"Something is getting closer." You look at him, fear in your e/c eyes.

"IRELAND CLOSE THE DOOR" He barks at you.

You hurry to the door only to see lanky grey legs and pelvis.

You look up at it, now shaking uncontrollably. You couldn't see all of it because it was too tall for the doorway. The creature tilts it's head slightly at you before raising it's fists and slamming down.

"IRELAND!" Prussia grips you and pulls you back, you slide backwards landing roughly on your bottom.

The fists crush against Prussia's reinforced sword, wavering the creature for only a second.

"Prussia!" You yell at him,

Prussia just grins determinedly "Don't vorry liebe, It von't get you."


Prussia just jabs, and slashes with his sword. Everytime you try to help, unsheathing your own sword Prussia just pushes you backwards everytime.

"Ireland stay back!" He warns you for a fourth time as you push forward with your sword.

The creature swings its monstrous fists, and hits Prussia square in the chest, pushing the once-nation back into the wall. But no. It doesn't stop there.

It continues to drive it's fists into Prussias body as you scream in protest, slashing your sword at it until you freeze as a sickening crack is heard, and Prussia's cries of pain are muffled.

You turn your head, Prussia's crumpled form bloody and limp on the ground.

"P-Prussia!" You rush to his side, not caring about the creature.

You kneel by his side and look at him, one of his eyes was closed, and blood dribbled down his chin.

One arm was across his chest in an inhuman, twisted way. You gulp, tears filling your eyes.

"P-Prussia! Hang in there you won't die!" You tell him, gripping his other hand tightly. Prussia looks at you with crimson, dull eyes, they had lost his determined and cocky sheen. "Nein liebe, I'm going to die."
You stare at him, "I-I know" You choke out. And break down, wailing uncontrollably as you grip the Prussian tightly.

And the creature stares.

"Liebe, vhy are you crying?" Prussia coughs.

You raise your head from his chest, "Because." You tell him. "I love you, you fucking crazy Prussian."

Prussia cracks a small smile, tears where now spilling down his cheeks freely

"Und awesome, right?"

You nod your head vigorously "And awesome."

Prussia's smile widens. He looks at you "Your going to die too. I-If you stay here Ireland." He cups your cheek, his hand his bloody but that doesn't stop you pressing it to your cheek with your own hand.

"I don't care Prussia. I-I'm going to die with you." You tell him, shaking your head.

Prussia scowls "I'm a dead nation anyvay. Vhat about England? He needs jou, he still hasn't gotten over jou leaving him."

"No Prussia!" You tell him, "I'm n-"

"Yes jou are mein liebeling." He tells you quietly, desperately.

And still the monster watches.

You gaze at him as he smoothes some tears of your cheek gently "I want to stay with you" You whisper desperately as you move your face closer to his.

He chuckles, and moves his face closer to yours "Ich liebe dich."

"Ich liebe dich auch, you crazy Prussian." You laugh quietly.

He pushes his lips to yours with his last strength, desperately longing for your warmth, just once before he passes on.

You kiss him lovingly, it's not long before he breaks away coughing. "I-I'm sorry liebeling. I have to go. I'll see you... On the other side..." He tells you, clutching your hand tightly.

"I love you Prussia." You tell him again, he smiles, before his ruby eyes close for a final time.






"PRUSSIA!" You wail, clutching onto him tightly. Your sobs racketing your body.

The creature was still watching, curiously.

You look at the handgun at Prussia's waist, you clumsily take it out, fumbling as you ready the bullet.

Not for the creature.

For yourself.

You look at the creature behind you, the thing that had killed the man you loved.

"Your not taking me, bastard" You whisper.

You look once more at Prussia, who even in death was smiling.

You press your lips to his in a bittersweet kiss. Imagining the laughing, grinning face that will meet you on the other side...

Before raising the gun to your temple and pulling the trigger.

I cried

Prussia, Japan, Italy, Germany or HetaOni does NOT belong to me
This story does.
Ireland does, seeing she's my fan character.
You belong to yourself.
wolfinthedark232 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
when i seen the title... (yea it's kinda sad of me to think X3) i thought it was gonna refference princess and the frog with the song XDD
ThatCrazyAnimeGirl Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
XDD Mein Gott Whitely, 
(suddenly has a Romania fic idea...)
wolfinthedark232 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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